How to Choose a Good Project Manager?

By Steven Macdessi

Searching for a good manager is a very crucial task because the success of any project will depend greatly on his managerial abilities. There are several points that you should consider in choosing a good project manager. As complex as it may seems finding a good project manager can be easy if you know what to look for.

Knowing the qualities of a good project manager in detail is better because it can guarantee you to make the right choice. Being discussed in the following are some of the most important characteristics that makes a good project manager.

1. Communicating with ease.

A good project manager must be capable of communicating with the employees in a comfortable manner. Either written or oral, a good project manager must be able to give information with regards to the project. An organisation that can communicate effectively is more likely to have a smooth working process thus attaining the goal in less stressful manner.

2. Confidence in solving problems.

Project management is not easy as it deals with great problems that a project manager must be able to solve. A good project manager can show confidence no matter how difficult the problem maybe. Difficult situations are good and a good project manager is always ready to face them. Considering the overall picture of any problem is an added point for a good project manager.

3. Develops trust with his workers.

Teamwork is the heart of a successful project and a good project manager must know how to trust his workers. The project manager must not be afraid of delegating tasks to his workers but instead be confident with them. Proper delegation shows the ability of a good project manager in discerning the abilities of his workers.

4. Gives emphasis on organisational tasks.

For a project manager to be efficient, he must also posses the necessary organisational skills. Generating and keeping track of multiple documents must be well done for the project manager to be considered as a good one. Keeping a record of the project’s activities will help the project manager to determine the progress, errors and success of the project. A good project manager then is someone with good organisational skills.

5. Practices critical thinking and decision making.

One of the important qualities of a good project manager is the ability to make decisions in natural manner. A good project manager must be able to figure out the effects of his decisions to both project and the employee. Project management entails terrible decision making thus requires knowledge and experience.

There are still other characteristics that make a project manager good and sometimes these depend greatly on the project requirements. The above points can be useful for you in knowing how to choose a good project manager. You can also set your own criteria as you wish in finding the best project manager. Keep in mind that project manager play a vital role in the outcome of the project so if you want to yield towards success then it is necessary for you to find a good project manager.

Aug 2010
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