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Successful Project Manager Sydney

By Steven Macdessi

Project management involves budgeting costs and getting high value for money to deliver the desired value upon its completion. The more complicated projects include construction and computer related work.  When subcontracted, finance needed may tend to be higher which seems like an irony for project managers to exist.

Successful Project Manager Sydney, however, can save you a lot more money, time, and effort. Sydney abounds itself with opportunities in property development and computer systems. Some noteworthy projects include building upgrades, software development, electrical engineering, and road designing. With the right expertise especially on the field of budgeting, you will find your project completed with the desired budget (or even lower) and the desired value (or even higher).

Successful Project Manager Sydney offers the following services:

  1. Cost Estimation – The actual workload for any project may differ depending on the methods used. Also, current market prices need to be screened. Both take time to completely finish. Successful Project Manager Sydney can breakdown the workload, staff accordingly and look into historical information to identify what needs to be done and how much money is needed for certain tasks.

The breakdown of services includes the following:

    • Managing historical variables

Past data on similar projects and products are taken into consideration for a comparative study.

    • Bill of quantities

Any element of work needed is identified with detail in order to plot the costs further.

    • Cost Contingency

Uncertainty with price fluctuations is taken into account and is allotted a certain price to avoid conflicts in budget. Worst and best case scenarios are also considered to display uncertainty levels that are to be worked on.

  1. Budget Determination – After cost estimation, this process comes in to express the goals of the project and relative contribution of the members in the different departments in quantitative terms. Financial milestones will be tracked in order to assert the roles of the departments and the budget for each activity.

Other features of this service include:

    • Contingency

Certain activities may lag overall performance a bit, thus requiring a back-up activity which is also budgeted for.

    • Cost Performance Baseline

Project budgets are monitored by stage to recognise the performance for the allowed budgets.

  1. Control Costs – After budget determination, cost control is needed to monitor project status and manage changes that need to be done. The Cost Performance Baseline will act as the basis here to spot the affected budgets more easily. While changing any activity previously planned in budget determination, it is made certain that the overall budget is not exceeded. Finally, to seal the budget, potential future risks are acknowledged in order to predict the project’s outcome.
Oct 2012

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