The Variety of Project Management Methodologies

By Steven Macdessi

The entire process of project management includes different steps, principles and strategies by which must be taken into consideration even the smallest detail that is integrated. Projects may vary from scope, objectives, goals and procedures to another project. The use of project management methodologies then may also be different from one project to another.

You can make use of the different project management methodologies which best suits your project. For your project management methodologies to be effective, you should know first what they are exactly. The following are the different project management methodologies that you can use with some of their details.

1. Traditional Project Management Methodologies.

This type of project management approach includes sequence of steps that need to be completed. These steps are the initiation stage, planning or design stage, execution or production stage, monitoring or controlling system and project completion stage. These procedures may differ or the steps may not be the way as it follows because of certain reasons. Some may repeat one step for several times depending on how the project will be able to make use of this project management methodology.

2. Critical Chain Project Management.

The resources are what this project management methodology put emphasis to. This method plans and manages the project with the goal to increase the rate of throughput of projects. This project management methodology uses the Theory of Constraints wherein the system constraints are the resources. Before the critical chain will start the resources must be ready so as to achieve the best possible outcome.

3. Extreme Project Management Methodology.

If your project seems to be very complex and uncertain then this project management methodology is the best that you can use. The human side of the project is the main focus of extreme project management methodology or others may call the XPM (Extreme Project Management). Utilising this will allow you to find ways on how to deal with the complexities of human collaboration so as to bring success to your project.

4. Event Chain Methodology.

Dealing with uncertainties of the project can greatly affect the outcome so when you doubt your abilities to overcome such then this project management methodology can be the best. Event chain methodology focuses on identifying and managing events which can affect the project schedules.

5. Process-based Management.

The process-bases project management methodology is oriented towards attaining a vision to guide the organisation rather than any activity or task. The vision may deal with the strategy and the structure, budgets, incentives or costs of the project. As the name implies the process will be the basis of the decisions to be made as the project is existing.

These are some of the project management methodologies that you can used to achieve better outcome of your project. Your choice may depend on what the situation or project may call. The type of project management methodologies may vary from one project to person and to business. Make sure that you choose the best project management methodology for you to be able to gain success.

Aug 2010

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